Where to have a good meal in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is a real gastronomic metropolis. Here you can try the familiar Russian dishes cooked by chefs in their signature manner, and the traditional cuisine of other nations. Use our Guide to choose from a variety of cafes, bars, and restaurants in Novosibirsk. How to use the Guide First, choose the cuisine you prefer. There are restaurants of German, pan-Asian, European, Buryat, English, Italian, Mediterranean and, of course, Russian cuisines in the city. For those who are looking for unique gastronomy and original serving, there are restaurants with original cuisine.

How to use the Guide

First, choose the cuisine you prefer. There are restaurants of German, pan-Asian, European, Buryat, English, Italian, Mediterranean and, of course, Russian cuisines in the city. For those who are looking for unique gastronomy and original serving, there are restaurants with original cuisine

Вкусные рестораны и кафе в Новосибирске

Restaurant’s cuisine
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PuppenHaus is an art object inspired by the works of the Austrian architect and artist Hundertwasser and the famous Antoni Gaudi.
65/1 Chaplygina Street, Novosibirsk
чум чум
CHUM CHUM is a Siberian street-food restaurant. It successfully merges Siberian cuisine and modern technology.
1a Voskhod Street, Novosibirsk
Жан Хуан Лу
Jean Juan Lu
Jean Juan Lu is a pan-continental izakaya bar.
11 Lenina Street, Novosibirsk
It’s a local history restaurant. Sosedi introduces locals and visitors to the cuisine of Siberia, Buryatia and the Far East, the most vibrant, indigenous neighboring regions.
22 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
The restaurant of modern and traditional Siberian cuisine is located on the territory of Azimut Siberia Hotel. The venue has several theme-based zones.
21 Lenina Street, Novosibirsk
На Даче
Na Dache
Na Dache Restaurant offers a food tour to the noble Russia of 19th century.
5 Dachnoye Shosse Street, Novosibirsk
Бирман и пельмени
BEERMAN & Pelmeni
What kind of pelmeni do you like: Georgian, Chinese, Ural, with meat, calamari, shrimp, or maybe with cuttlefish ink?
7 Kamenskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Бирман на речке
BEERMAN na Rechke
BEERMAN na Rechke is the most recent addition to the restaurant chain with a unique concept. It is located on Mikhailovskaya Embankment.
2a Dobrolyubova Street, Novosibirsk
Бирман и пицца
BEERMAN & PIZZA is the family restaurant of the chain. You come here to gather around the table with the whole family, as in a real Neapolitan pizzeria.
7 Karla Marksa Square, Novosibirsk
Бирман и гриль
BEERMAN & Grill is the very first restaurant of the chain. 11 years ago, it defined the style and concept of all now-existing venues.
1 Vokzalnaya Magistral Street, Novosibirsk
La Maison
La Maison
The restaurant opens its doors to guests on special occasions. La Maison is all about Art Nouveau interior, ceremonies, silverware and impeccable etiquette.
25 Sovetskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Baranjar Chaikhana is a perfect place to have a good time with your family. According to TripAdvisor, it ranks among Top 3 best restaurants in Novosibirsk in 2021.
18 Sovetskaya Street, Novosibirsk
10 Ten
Bar & Terrace 10Ten
Bar & Terrace 10Ten welcomes guests of the five-star GRAND AUTOGRAPH HOTEL NOVOSIBIRSK as well as local residents, and boasts a glorious view.
31 Ordzhonikidze Street, Novosibirsk
The coffee bar located in the five-star Marriott Hotel invites Novosibirsk residents and guests to enjoy culinary art and a view of the Opera and Ballet Theater.
31 Ordzhonikidze Street, Novosibirsk
Trattoria La trenta
Trattoria La Trenta
The family restaurant Trattoria La Trenta offers a warm atmosphere and authentic Italian cuisine.
24 Uritskogo Street, Novosibirsk
R.A.G.U. café
R.A.G.U. café is located on the 8th and 9th floors of Buton business center, one of the most unusual buildings of Novosibirsk.
17/1 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
Twenty two
It’s a restaurant of gastronomic experiences.
22 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
Sky lounge
Sky lounge
It’s the only restaurant with a skyline view of the city. It offers a beautiful place for romantic dates and celebrations.
4/1 Dimitrova Avenue, Novosibirsk
Пицца Приморье
Pizza Primorie
In Pizza Primorie you will enjoy a family atmosphere and traditional Italian cuisine.
2 Primorie Health and Disease Prevention Resort, Goluboy Zaliv Village, Novosibirsky District, Novosibirsk Region
Avanta Hotel Restaurant offers delicious European cuisine and high-quality service.
189/1 Gogolya Street, Novosibirsk
Abnicum Restaurant and Hotel Complex is a perfect venue for any event.
56/3 Sibiryakov-Gvardeytsev Street, Novosibirsk
Capsula is a dome restaurant on the roof of the five-star GRAND AUTOGRAPH HOTEL NOVOSIBIRSK.
31 Ordzhonikidze Street, Novosibirsk
Гуси в городе
GUSI in Novosibirsk
The open kitchen is the jewel in the restaurant’s crown as it sets the vibe and mood of the place.
1/1 Karla Marksa Square, Novosibirsk
Гуси в Академе
GUSI in Academgorodok
GUSI Restaurant is located on the first floor of Technopark towers. It offers modern interior, good zoning, comfortable music and a parking lot.
12/2 Nikolayeva Street, Novosibirsk
ТБК лонж
T.B.K. Lounge
T.B.K. Lounge is an original project by Denis Ivanov, the famous Novosibirsk restaurateur.
11 Zolotodolinskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Goodman Restaurant is a place where you can enjoy a good meat steak and also learn about the steak culture!
5 Sovetskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Utrovechera coffee house has two cozy dining rooms located on two floors of the famous Pobeda movie theater.
7 Lenina Street, Novosibirsk
Premiera cinema cafe offers an exquisite choice of European and traditional Russian cuisine, an elegant interior and an original “starry” atmosphere.
7 Lenina Street, Novosibirsk
Perchini Italian restaurant is a perfect place for meetings.
25/1 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
IL Patio
IL Patio
Every IL Patio restaurant is a piece of sunny Italy.
5 Voennaya Street, Novosibirsk
Park cafe
Park café
It’s a unique cafe in the center of Novosibirsk with an elegant interior and a glorious view of Pervomaysky Square.
25/1 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
Горячий цех
Goryachiy Tsekh
Goryachiy Tsekh restaurant is known for its unique grill built by a truly skillful craftsman.
6 Lenina Street, Novosibirsk
Kustari restaurant is a cozy venue in the historical center of Suzun village.
23 Lenina Street, Suzun Townsite, Suzunsky District Novosibirsk Region