Four floors of pure art: an art salon, a puppet theater, a summer terrace, and a captain’s cabin. They reflect various parts of Old Europe: Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, French Provence.
PuppenHaus Gastronomic Theater menu includes:
• European cuisine and fish,
• Siberian cuisine and poultry,
• steak and kebab,
• desserts,
• drinks menu.
Catering service is available. It offers fourchettes, banquets, corporate parties, children’s parties, as well as gastronomic performances, shows, and food sets.

Opening hours: Monday through Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 12 a.m.
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A visit to PuppenHaus is worth it for the atmosphere alone. Right from the jump you find yourself in an old puppet theater. You might want to take a walk through the halls and look at each exhibit item first.

And there is much to look at: antique furniture, antique tableware, and rare household items turn the restaurant into a real museum. Here you can find a collection of over 500 dolls!

The great atmosphere aside, the restaurant is, of course, known for its amazing food. There is a good reason it is called a gastronomic theater. During its first year, PuppenHaus won the award of National Leaders Clubs, the international restaurant competition in Switzerland.

With an amazing selection of classical European dishes and Siberian delicacies, the cuisine really goes well together with the restaurant’s entourage. The menu offers venison, elk, pike caviar and so much more. The impeccable serving is something that’s worth mentioning as well.

And if you happen to be here in summer, you should certainly go up to the garden on the roof of the restaurant.