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GRAND AUTOGRAPH HOTEL NOVOSIBIRSK is a five-star hotel right in the city center.
31 Ordzhonikidze Street, Novosibirsk
Domina Hotel Novosibirsk is the second hotel of the Italian Domina Hotel chain in Russia. This classy business hotel is located in the heart of the Siberian capital.
26 Lenina Street, Novosibirsk
MIROTEL is a modern hotel on the left bank of Novosibirsk that focuses on business travel.
1/1 Karla Marksa Square, Novosibirsk
DoubleTree by Hilton
This Hilton International Chain hotel is the first hotel in Novosibirsk owned by the world’s prime hotel chain renowned for its great service.
7/1 Kamenskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Crona medical
CRONA Medical & Spa
CRONA Medical & Spa is a modern spa hotel on the shore of the Ob Sea.
26 Morskaya Street, Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region
Borviha Hotel & Spa
Borvikha Hotel & Spa is one of the best hotels in Novosibirsk Region.
3, Building 1, Morskaya Street, Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region
Ramada Novosibirsk Zhukovka
Ramada Novosibirsk Zhukovka is an aparthotel in a residential complex with a customized architectural look.
55 Pobedy Street, Novosibirsk
Горский сити
Gorskiy City
Gorskiy City Hotel is a new-generation multifunctional hotel complex.
144a Nemirovicha-Danchenko Street, Novosibirsk
AZIMUT Hotel Novosibirsk
AZIMUT Hotel Novosibirsk is a 14-storey hotel in the center of Novosibirsk. The hotel is located near the most famous landmarks and business center of the city.
21 Lenina Street, Novosibirsk
Маринс парк
Marins Park
Marins Park Hotel Novosibirsk is the largest hotel of the Siberian capital right in the city center.
1 Vokzalnaya Magistral Street, Novosibirsk
Сити Отель
A modern hotel complex not far from Studencheskaya metro station.
77 Blyukhera Street, Novosibirsk
Гостиный Двор
Gostiny Dvor
Gostiny Dvor is a classic business hotel, just a 5-minute drive from Kalinin Square.
234/1 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
Сосновый бор
Sosnovy Bor
Sosnovy Bor Park Hotel is located in the middle of the forest, 20 minutes away from the city center.
53a Novaya Zarya Street, Novosibirsk
Abnicum is a modern business hotel located within the city limits in a parkland area.
56/3 Sibiryakov-Gvardeytsev Street, Novosibirsk
APARTVILLE is a modern well-designed complex with stylish and comfortable apartment rooms for a long-term stay.
65/1 Nekrasova Street, Novosibirsk
Metelitsa is a modern business hotel in Novosibirsk famous for its high-quality service.
195 Dobrolyubova Street, Novosibirsk
SKYEXPO is a modern business hotel in Novosibirsk. Located next to Novosibirsk Expo Center International Exhibition Complex, the hotel offers perfect accommodation for business trips.
100 Stantsionnaya Street, Novosibirsk
SKYPORT Hotel is a four-star hotel just 300 m away from Tolmachevo International Airport and 7 minutes drive away from Novosibirsk Expo Center International Exhibition Complex.
8 Mozzherina Avenue, Ob, Novosibirsk Region
Comfort inn
Comfort_NSK is a great choice for quality rest after a busy day.
96 Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Street, Novosibirsk
Ривер парк
River Park
River Park is a large modern hotel located in a quiet and picturesque area on the shore of the Ob River in the heart of a park area.
2 Dobrolyubova Street, Novosibirsk
Парк вуд
Park Wood Hotel
Park Wood Hotel is a modern 8-storey business hotel perfect for business meetings, negotiations.
6/2 Arbuzova Street, Novosibirsk
Cosmos Novosibirsk Hotel
Cosmos Novosibirsk Hotel offers European-level amenities and hospitality in the center of Novosibirsk.
37 Dmitriya Shamshurina Street, Novosibirsk
Avanta Hotel Center is a European-standard hotel complex, which offers a full range of services to satisfy the most demanding guests.
189/1 Gogolya Street, Novosibirsk
Economy-class hotel in the center of Novosibirsk, a 5-minute walk from Lenin Square metro station.
3 Lenina Street, Novosibirsk
It’s an apartment complex with a full range of services.
15/1 Zheleznodorozhnaya Street, Novosibirsk
Золотая Долина
Zolotaya Dolina
The hotel is located right in the middle of Academgorodok.
10 Ilyicha Street, Novosibirsk
общий вид
«BonApart is an aparthotel right in the downtown.
71 Yadrintsevskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Aterra suit
Aterra-suit hotel
It’s a modern business hotel in the center of the city infrastructure.
1a Pisareva Street, Novosibirsk
Smart Hotel KDO
Smart Hotel KDO
It’s a modern hotel in the Novosibirsk-Glavny Railway Station building.
43 Dmitriya Shamshurina Street, Novosibirsk
RE Hostel
RE Hostel
It’s a small and cozy hostel located in a high-end building right in the city center.
49 Derzhavina Street, Novosibirsk
No bears hostel
No Bears Hostel
It’s a “young” and modern hostel located near Novosibirsk-Glavny Railway Station.
1 Dmitriya Shamshurina Street, Novosibirsk
Funkey hostel
Funkey Hostel
It’s a creative hostel in the center of Novosibirsk, which combines a stylish room design, creative atmosphere and friendly staff.
5, Building 2, Frunze Street, Novosibirsk
Perekrestok is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a prime location near the business and cultural center of the city and a comfortable stay.
4/1 Fabrichnaya Street, Novosibirsk
Eurasia hostel offers a prime location, comfortable accommodation and a pleasant atmosphere.
1 Karla Marksa Avenue, Novosibirsk
Hotel X.O.
Hotel X.O.
Hotel X.O. is located near the famous Novosibirsk Zoo.
77 Pereyezdnaya Street, Novosibirsk
Shale Hotel is located right in the center of Novosibirsk next to Novosibirsk-Glavny Railway Station and big shopping malls.
24 Komsomolsky Avenue, Novosibirsk
A cozy Primorie Hotel is located on the shore of the Ob Sea. It’s a green space of the village of Goluboy Zaliv.
2 Primorie Health and Disease Prevention Resort, Goluboy Zaliv Village, Novosibirsky District, Novosibirsk Region
Mayak Retreat
Mayak Retreat is a great choice for a good rest any time of year.
2/1 Lodochnaya Street, Novosibirsk
Sosnovka Resort Hotel is a large modern complex with high-quality service.
4/3 Rechkunovskaya recreation zone, Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region
Горизонт Патио
Gorizont Patio
It’s a small hotel located on the shore of the Ob Sea.
10 Berdsk Blind Alley, Novosibirsk
На Камнях
Park Na Kamnyakh
The recreation center is located on the scenic shore of the Ob Sea. It offers a nice stay in an eco-friendly place.
15a Zelyonya Roshcha Street, Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region
Morozovo Resort Hotel is located in a glorious pine forest on the first coastline, offering a beautiful view of the Ob Sea.
1 Rechkunovskaya recreation zone, Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region
Бердская заимка
Berdskaya Zaimka
Berdskaya Zaimka Recreation Center is a great place for family vacations and fun events.
1, Vtoraya Lineynaya Street, Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region
Hvoya Park Hotel is a hotel complex in the middle of a pine forest on the shore of Berd Bay.
6 Rechkunovskaya recreation zone, Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region
Russky Dvor
The Russkiy Dvor Mansion offers rural hospitality and comfortable outdoor leisure.
34 Ishim Street, Fedosikha Village, Kochenesky District, Novosibirsk Region
This cozy tourist complex is near a pine forest and Lunevka Park in an ecologically clean location.
2/3 Kirova Street, Ordynskoye Work Settlement, Ordynsky District, Novosibirsk Region
У Водопада
Near the Waterfall
A budget-friendly family recreation center next to an artificial waterfall, pine forest, and lake.
148a Tsentralnaya Street, Karpysak Village, Toguchin District, Novosibirsk Region
Ust-Aleus Recreaction Resort is situated in a pristine, picturesque location on the shore of the Ob Sea, at the mouth of the Aleus River.
1 Ordynskoe Lesnichestvo Street, Spirino Village, Ordynsky District, Novosibirsk Region
Gora U Dachi
Gora U Dachi is a family recreation center.
Verkh-Iki Village, Maslyaninsky District, Novosibirsk Region
This recreation center is located on the shore of Lake Strelinka in Talitsky State Nature Reserve.
Kommunisticheskaya Street, Maslyanino Townsite, Maslyaninsky District, Novosibirsk Region
Люкс 2 Кинтереп
Kinterep Guest House is a perfect choice for family and outdoor activities.
3 Sosnovaya Street, Kinterep Village, Maslyaninsky District, Novosibirsk Region
Клевое место
Klevoe Mesto
Klevoe Mesto is located near the Ob River, famous for its prime fishing spots.
34 Solnechnaya Street, Kargapolovo Village, Suzunsky District, Novosibirsk Region
Rassvet Center is located on the barge. Fresh air, fishing and boat trips — everything you need for a good vacation.
Porotnikovo Village, Suzunsky District, Novosibirsk Region
апи хуторок
API Khutorok
API Khutorok offers a place for a wellness vacation at the apiary. Eco-products, fresh air and Russian banya (steam bath).
42 Lenina Street, Bitki Village, Suzunsky District, Novosibirsk Region
Тридевятое царство
Tridevyatoe Tsarstvo
Tridevyatoe Tsarstvo is a place for a family vacation and outdoor activities.
120 km from Novosibirsk, Ordynsky District, Novosibirsk Region

Hotels in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is a friendly and hospitable city with hundreds of hotels of different categories.

International Chain Hotels

World famous hotels, such as
  • Hilton;
  • Domina.
Each of them is a unique architectural project, an epitome of high quality service.

SPA Hotels

Some of the hotels in Novosibirsk Region are full-fledged resorts, where you can spend a weekend or the entire vacation, enjoying the clean air, landscapes, cozy rooms and spa procedures. Among them:
  • CRONA Medical & Spa is an elegant hotel on the shore of the Ob Sea with wooden bungalows and a swimming pool with sea water.
  • Borvikha Hotel & Spa is a sophisticated hotel with a view of Berd Bay and a water park.
  • Ramada is a hotel in the middle of the pine forest with a swimming pool.
However, you can find more affordable hotels with reasonable prices and a convenient location, for example, in the downtime or near the train station. Transit passengers or those who wish to enjoy a good rest before a flight can check into comfortable hotels at the airport. Tourists seeking outdoor recreation will be pleased with their stay in out-of-town recreation centers. Regardless of the cost, hotels offer a high quality service and guarantee comfortable, convenient and enjoyable stay not burdened by any household worries.