Strelinka Recreation Center offers a mixed forest setting, clean air and perfect conditions for vacation and events.
At your disposal:
• a cabin for a large company with a gazebo and a fireplace,
• comfortable rooms,
• summer houses,
• camping,
• gazebos for up to 25 people,
• a terrace for 15 people,
• a pavilion cafe for 100 people,
• a cafe and dining room, and a bar for 45 people,
• a banya (steam bath), a sauna with a swimming pool,
• bicycles, catamarans, a boat and small ship, Guests can play billiards, tennis and football.
• ramp jumping, trampoline, roller skates,
• fishing, live fish never out of stock: carp, sturgeon, catfish, grass carp.

Opening hours: 24/7
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Kommunisticheskaya Street, Maslyanino Townsite, Maslyaninsky District, Novosibirsk Region
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