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Opera and Ballet Theater
Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater — one of the largest theaters in Russia.
36 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
Концертный зал имени Арнольда Каца
Arnold Kats Concert Hall
The Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society is the leading concert venue of Russia and the largest one in the country.
18/1 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
Камерный зал
Philharmonic Chamber Hall
The Philharmonic Chamber Hall is located in Dom Lenina building in the downtown of Novosibirsk.
32 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
A state-of-the-art multifunctional complex for hosting cultural and entertainment events.
102 Stantsionnaya Street, Novosibirsk
Джунгли сити
Jungle City
A huge entertainment center for family recreation.
5 Voennaya Street, Novosibirsk
Puppet Theater
The theater participates in international and regional festivals of puppet theaters. Its team is a member of UNIMA International Organization of Puppeteers.
22 Lenina Street, Novosibirsk
Новосибирский музыкальный театр
Novosibirsk Music Theater
Novosibirsk Music Theater is one of the prime music theaters in Russia.
43 Kamenskaya Street, Novosibirsk
It’s the largest center of aesthetic and spiritual education of children and youth in Siberia.
1 Kamenskaya Street, Novosibirsk
The Rooks
The Rooks
A unique symbiosis of an art complex and a bar in a single venue.
45 Kommunisticheskaya Street, Novosibirsk
The first ruin pub in Novosibirsk.
22 Krasny Avenue, Novosibirsk
Bla bla bar
Bla bla bar
Russia’s largest bar space!
46 Deputatskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Here you can find all kinds of different illusions: pictures, designs and mechanisms. Each exhibit is handmade and unique.
16a Dobrolyubova Street, Novosibirsk
An interactive museum where you can learn the science behind different physical phenomena in a fun way.
16a Dobrolyubova Street, Novosibirsk
Контраст СПА
SPA Contrast
Galleries of modern banyas, swimming pools, steam rooms and hammams located in the Armada Sports and Wellness Center.
29 Vostochnaya Street, Krasnoobsk Townsite, Novosibirsk District, Novosibirsk Region
Чкаловские дачи
Chkalovskie Dachi
A spacious park for year-round family recreation.
4 Dom Otdykha Mochishche Microdistrict, Mochishche Dacha Community, Novosibirsk Region
Дом с колесом
The highest Ferris wheel east of the Urals.
12Б Bolshevistskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Лидер Лэнд
Leader Land
A water park for the entire family.
12/2 Respublikanskaya Street, Novosibirsk
The family recreation park opens its doors in early June.
Popova Street, Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region
Rumba Beach
Rumba Beach is an entertainment complex for proper summer fun, where you can enjoy fresh forest air within the city limits.
49a Uchitelskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Гринвуд 1
GreenWood Hotel&SPA
A SPA resort with comprehensive medical services and individual approach.
2/4 Dachnoye Shosse Street, Novosibirsk
Жыхарка 1
Zycharka Slavic Banya House is a real traditional Russian banya.
252/1 Moskovskaya Street, Novosibirsk
ПаровозовЪ 1
At Parovozov, they value the traditions and work to revive the banya traditions of Russia.
20а Dusi Kovalchuk Street, Novosibirsk
Сандуны 1
Sanduny Siberia
Sanduny Siberia is a unique banya and wellness complex where you can relax after a hard day at work and improve your health.
19а Kamenskaya Street, Novosibirsk
Мира термы
Mira Termy. Sosnovy Bor
A European-level thermal complex with a territory of 8,000 sq. m that has no equals in Russia.
33 Okruzhnaya street, Novosibirsk
Rostislav Shilo Novosibirsk Zoo
Novosibirsk zoo is one of the largest in Russia. It covers 65 hectares and is home to 11,000 animals and 770 species, with over 350 species listed in the International Red Book.
71/1 Timiryazeva street, Novosibirsk
Delfiniya Centre
Delfiniya Centre of Oceanography and Marine Biology — A unique place in Siberia.
100/4 Zhukovskogo Street, Novosibirsk
№20_2. Новосибирский аквапарк «Аквамир» 4
Akvamir Water Park
Siberia’s largest water park has plenty to surprise and delight visitors of all ages.
8 Yarinskaya Street, Novosibirsk
The Large Novosibirsk Planetarium is located on one of the highest points in Novosibirsk.
1/1 Klyuch-Kamyshenskoye Plato Street, Novosibirsk
Алексеевксая слобода
Alekseyevskaya Sloboda
Alekseyevskaya Sloboda Living History Museum tells its guests about the way of life of Siberian peasants.
12 Masterov Street, Alekseyevka Village, Novosibirsky District, Novosibirsk Region
Дом русских традиций
House of Russian Traditions
A real Russian mansion with a large stove and magical atmosphere.
14 Mayskaya Street, Sadovy settlement, Novosibirsk District, Novosibirsk Region
On February 11, 1971, the Novosibirsk Circus gave its first performance in the new building.
21 Chelyuskintsev Street, Novosibirsk
One of the biggest sports and wellness centers in Novosibirsk.
29 Vostochnaya Street Krasnoobsk Townsite, Novosibirsk District, Novosibirsk Region
The only professional wind tunnel and artificial surfing wave complex from the Urals to the Russian Far East.
31/1 Vostochnaya Street Krasnoobsk Townsite, Novosibirsk District, Novosibirsk Region
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