There are lots of recreation centers for fishing in Novosibirsk Region: «At the Waterfall», «Klevoe Mesto», «Ust Aleus». Leisure and sports hunting is very popular in the region. To take part, you need to sign up to the hunting community, otherwise you won’t be able to get a gun license or a hunting license. For more information on hunting in Novosibirsk Region, contact the Wildlife Conservation Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment:, +7 (383) 238-73-10.

There are plenty of places to go fishing in Novosibirsk and the region:

  • Over 400 rivers;
  • Over 3,000 lakes;
  • The Ob Sea is a reservoir on the Ob River covering over 1,000

If you’re lucky, you might catch sterlet or sturgeon, but the most common catch is pike, bream, carp, and pike perch; and in autumn, muksun enters the reservoir for spawning.

The region offers lots of recreation centers where you can relax in comfortable rooms and go fishing. You can borrow any fishing gear you might need at these centers. In addition to fishing, you can go hunting if you have a special permit. Taste victory by using our offers for hunting and fishing trips!