On the Trail of the White Wagtail

During the excursion, you will find out where the Ob River flows, which fish inhabit it, which birds sing on the banks, what is a white wagtail and what makes it happy, how the embankment has changed over several decades, and to whom the mighty bronze statue standing on the bridge is dedicated. Meeting point: Lava Coffee coffee bar on Oktyabrsky Bridge. Age limit: 6+


City Beginnings Park, monument to the First Railway Bridge, Monument to Emperor Alexander III, Museum on the Embankment

City Beginnings Park

Popular with locals and the visitors, this place is located on the embankment between the Railway Bridge and the Oktyabrsky Bridge.

Monument to the First Railway Bridge

One of the city’s historic landmarks: a truss from the historic 1893 bridge that became the starting point of Novosibirsk’s history.

Monument to Emperor Alexander III

The 13-meter-high monument to Emperor Alexander III stands in City Beginnings Park. The Emperor conceived the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway construction, which led to the emergence of Novosibirsk.

Museum on the Embankment

This building from the early 1890s was acknowledged as a monument because it is where the agreement to purchase imperial lands by Novonikolayevsk was signed in 1907.

Botanical Garden

An excursion through the gardens with stories of the old Barnaul Highway, life in the ancient local settlements, and scientific discoveries.
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4 hours
35 km

Gastro Excursion

Walking tour to the mysterious historic building at 22 Krasny Avenue.
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2 hours
50 m

Walk Along the Mikhailovskaya Embankment

Walking tour along the embankment that marked the beginning of Novonikolayevsk.
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2 hours
1 km

Beard Walk

Visitors will dive into the city’s history and learn about the construction of residential quarters and universities in Novosibirsk’s left bank area.
1 hour 20 minutes
2 km

Memorial Backyards of Kuznetskaya Street

1.5-hour walk around Novonikolayevsk quarters.
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1.5 hours
1.5 km

Travel along a Mystical River

You will visit the officers’ barracks on Topolyovaya Street and learn about the history of Oktyabrsky District.
1 hour 30 minutes
11 km

Where Novosibirsk Emerged and Was Burnt to the Ground

Visitors will travel through time and space.
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1.5 hours
7 km

Through the Merchant Quarters

A leisurely walk reveals the secrets of merchant life in Novonikolayevsk.
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1 hour 20 minutes
2 km