Memorial Backyards of Kuznetskaya Street

Visitors will dive into the Novonikolayevsk of the early 20th century. Ammunition factory and military hospital, Luna Restaurant and Luna Park Amusement Park, Blind Musician and Baron Ungern, Lenin’s Finger and figuline Glinka, hanging traffic light, and Uncle Styopa. Guide — Konstantin Golodyaev. Meeting point: State Bank building (2 Lenina Street).


House of Merchant Ivan Surikov, Vladimir Lenin Monument, Mikhail Glinka Monument, House of Merchant Yakov Istomin

House of Merchant Ivan Surikov

The building belonged to Barnaul merchant Ivan Surikov, one of the city’s wealthiest residents and the first city elder. The first girls’ school in Novonikolayevsk was based here from 1913.

Vladimir Lenin Monument

The first monument to Vladimir Lenin in Novosibirsk. It is part of the Palace of Labor complex.

Mikhail Glinka Monument

The famous composer is depicted sitting on a bench. Many Novosibirsk residents and visitors like to sit next to him and take photos.

House of Merchant Yakov Istomin

Architectural monument. The building belonged to the merchant Yakov Antonovich Istomin, the head of the City Duma.

Botanical Garden

An excursion through the gardens with stories of the old Barnaul Highway, life in the ancient local settlements, and scientific discoveries.
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4 hours
35 km

Gastro Excursion

Walking tour to the mysterious historic building at 22 Krasny Avenue.
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2 hours
50 m

Walk Along the Mikhailovskaya Embankment

Walking tour along the embankment that marked the beginning of Novonikolayevsk.
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2 hours
1 km

On the Trail of the White Wagtail

A breathtaking walking tour along the banks of the Ob with a story about Novosibirsk’s flora and fauna.
1.5 km
2 km

Beard Walk

Visitors will dive into the city’s history and learn about the construction of residential quarters and universities in Novosibirsk’s left bank area.
1 hour 20 minutes
2 km

Travel along a Mystical River

You will visit the officers’ barracks on Topolyovaya Street and learn about the history of Oktyabrsky District.
1 hour 30 minutes
11 km

Where Novosibirsk Emerged and Was Burnt to the Ground

Visitors will travel through time and space.
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1.5 hours
7 km

Through the Merchant Quarters

A leisurely walk reveals the secrets of merchant life in Novonikolayevsk.
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1 hour 20 minutes
2 km