Russky Dvor

You will spend time at the Russky Dvor Mansion. Gastronomic festivals, Russian holidays, and outdoor recreation far from the hustle and bustle of the city. At your disposal: • comfortable accommodation in wooden houses; • Russian banya (steam bath); • signature Fedosikhinsky Pelmeni (dumplings); • pick berries, mushrooms, and herbs in the forest; • go fishing in the pond; • visit farms, interact with farm animals that are not in a petting zoo. Transfers from Novosibirsk are available for group tours. You can drive here or take the bus from Kochenevo settlement.


Russky Dvor Mansion

Tales of Siberian Food

Excursion through Siberian gastronomical traditions and various delicacies.
3-4 hours
37 km

Gastro Excursion

Walking tour to the mysterious historic building at 22 Krasny Avenue.
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2 hours
50 m

Golden Suenga

Breathtaking adventure to Siberian Switzerland
Главное фото
1 day
50 km

Royal Gold

A breathtaking adventure where you experience being a gold miner.
1 day
48 km

Mountains and Valleys

A one-day winter hike to the most beautiful places in Novosibirsk Region.
Бердск скалы главная
11 hours
99 km

Back in the Olden Days

Excursion program to the Alekseyevskaya Sloboda living history museum.
Погружение в старину главная
5 hours
36 km

In the Footsteps of the Siberian Coin

One-day excursion around the sights of the ancient Suzun settlement.
1 day
5 km

Aсadempark. Growth Area.

One-day excursion to the Technopark leaning towers and Technological Support Center.
Photo: Ilnar SALAKHIEV, e-mail:, phone: +7 913 890 9843
5 o'clock
580 m