In the Footsteps of the Siberian Coin

One-day excursion around the sights of the ancient Suzun settlement. You will discover that a special Siberian coin was minted here on the order of Empress Catherine II. You will dive into the history of Suzun settlement at the Suzun Plant. Mint museum complex. You can also visit the Holy Spring in Lozhok.

Mint Museum

The only Mint beyond the Urals, and where the Siberian Coin was minted in 1766–1781, was located at the Nizhne-Suzunsky Copper-Smelting Plant.

Copper-Smelting Plant

The Nizhne-Suzunsky Copper-Smelting Plant was a complex mining and metallurgical plant. A permanent museum exhibition about the history of the plant’s workshop.

Museum of Siberian Folk Icons

The only museum in Russia dedicated to icons by local craftsmen, specifically from the Suzun icon-painting workshop.

Monument to the Siberian coin

Siberian coins were minted at the Suzun Mint from 1766 to 1781.

Church of the Ascension

The Church of the Ascension is in the center of the village of Suzun at the same place where the first Church of the Ascension was built in 1771.

Tales of Siberian Food

Excursion through Siberian gastronomical traditions and various delicacies.

3-4 hours

37 km

Golden Suenga

Breathtaking adventure to Siberian Switzerland
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1 day

50 km

Russky Dvor

Gastro excursion to Russky Dvor Mansion.

1 day

98 km

Royal Gold

A breathtaking adventure where you experience being a gold miner.

1 day

48 km

Mountains and Valleys

A one-day winter hike to the most beautiful places in Novosibirsk Region.
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11 hours

99 km

Back in the Olden Days

Excursion program to the Alekseyevskaya Sloboda living history museum.
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5 hours

36 km

Aсadempark. Growth Area.

One-day excursion to the Technopark leaning towers and Technological Support Center.
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5 o'clock

580 m

Siberia’s Golden Valley

Excursion around Aсademgorodok with a visit to Koltsovo.
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5 hours

15 km

Excursions to Suzun from Novosibirsk

Suzun is an old village located 150 km from Novosibirsk. It was founded by a decree of Catherine II to produce copper for minting coins. Today, there are interesting museums on the site of the former copper smelting plant and the mint. There you can see samples of old coins and equipment for their production.

A beautiful, cozy, well-groomed town is waiting for visitors interested in the history of Siberia and Novonikolayevsk. The excursion will also be of interest to pilgrims, as one of the destinations in its program includes a holy spring in the village of Lozhok.