Tales of Siberian Food

In a log building with a cat sleeping on a chest and a burning Russian stove, with textile doormats covering the floor and a wooden bench with ancient utensils, the owner will fondly tell you the history and traditions of Siberian cuisine. You will taste old Russian drinks, pies with different fillings, Siberian soups, Russian appetizers, and meat and fish dishes.


Alekseyevskaya Sloboda

Golden Suenga

Breathtaking adventure to Siberian Switzerland
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1 day

50 km

Russky Dvor

Gastro excursion to Russky Dvor Mansion.

1 day

98 km

Royal Gold

A breathtaking adventure where you experience being a gold miner.

1 day

48 km

Mountains and Valleys

A one-day winter hike to the most beautiful places in Novosibirsk Region.
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11 hours

99 km

Back in the Olden Days

Excursion program to the Alekseyevskaya Sloboda living history museum.
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5 hours

36 km

In the Footsteps of the Siberian Coin

One-day excursion around the sights of the ancient Suzun settlement.

1 day

5 km

Aсadempark. Growth Area.

One-day excursion to the Technopark leaning towers and Technological Support Center.
Photo: Ilnar SALAKHIEV, e-mail:, phone: +7 913 890 9843

5 o'clock

580 m

Siberia’s Golden Valley

Excursion around Aсademgorodok with a visit to Koltsovo.
№27_3. НГУ 7б

5 hours

15 km