Novosibirsk Region has lots of small and beautiful waterfalls. For example, the Belovo, Buchilo, Karpysak, Suenga, Medvedskoye (Steklyanny), Nikonovo (Talitsa), and Kanabishka waterfalls. Read more in the What to See section.

Waterfalls in Novosibirsk Region: Visit the Heart of Siberia’s Nature

Many tourists are not aware that Novosibirsk Region, in addition to architecture, history, scientific towns, also offers astonishingly beautiful nature such as spectacular waterfalls. They include:
  • Belovo Waterfall, the most popular in the region, approximately 10 meters high;
  • Buchilo Waterfall, a waterfall with a secret cave at the top;
  • Kanabishka Waterfall, a waterfall with a picturesque lake in a beautiful stony cup;
  • Karpysak Waterfall, a waterfall next to a cozy arbor and a fishing lake.
Our website will help you to plan your trip to the waterfalls. We’ve put together detailed information on each waterfall and created routes in Google Maps and Yandex Maps.