Novonikolayevsk Bril’s Chocolate House

Bril’s Chocolate House Tour

Bril’s Chocolate House Tour is a real treat for people with a sweet tooth and connoisseurs of unique flavors. It’s not a store or a workshop, but a unique chocolate atelier with a long history. Chocolate production in Novonikolayevsk was started by Peter Bril, a Swiss confectioner, in the early 20th century. Now the family business is run by his descendants. You will:

  • learn the history of the most delicious chocolate,
  • discover the secrets of modern chocolatiers and learn their tricks,
  • see the making process of handmade chocolate,
  • taste different flavors of this unique treat,
  • take a master class on chocolate making,
  • make your own chocolate bar and take it home.

The biggest fans of sweets are children, but this tour will be exciting for adults, too. You can sign up for this sweetest and delicious experience in Novosibirsk on our website.

During the excursion you will hear the amazing story of the Novonikolayevsk Bril’s Chocolate House. You will learn about the history of the creation of the unique chocolate, the mysteries of the ancient native Americans who discovered chocolate, and the secrets of modern chocolatiers. You can try different types of organic chocolate and make chocolate bars yourself.

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