Sea Stories from Cousteau’s Team

A fun interactive program with educational tasks. The program takes place in the undersea atmosphere of the Delfiniya Center. You will follow in the footsteps of the expedition taken by the famous scientist Jacques-Yves Cousteau. You will learn about him and what he is famous for, talk about his achievements, and meet his famous team.

Top-CLASS Gorodovichoks

Fun and educational excursion for schoolchildren.
3 hours
12 km

Novonikolayevsk Bril’s Chocolate House

During the excursion you will hear the amazing story of the Novonikolayevsk Bril’s Chocolate House.
Главное фото
2 hours
2 km

Residence of Father Frost

The 2021–2022 New Year’s children’s program at the Alekseyevskaya Sloboda living history museum.
Резиденция Деда Мороза главная
5 hours
36 km

The Tricks of the Ice Maiden or the Mystery of Enchanted Gifts

The 2021–2022 New Year’s children’s program in Father Frost’s Mansion.
1.5 hours
17 km