Residence of Father Frost

The 2021–2022 New Year's children’s program at the Alekseyevskaya Sloboda living history museum. Baba-Yaga, the Snowman, Father Frost, and the Ice Maiden will welcome the kids in the log cabin. They will take part in a master class where they will make New Year souvenirs and watch a performance by the Petrushka Theater. Father Frost’s helpers will play folk music instruments: gusli, kalyuka, tambourine, spoons, balalaika, and will happily teach the children. Children can also look forward to traditional amusements by the New Year’s tree, have lunch made in a Russian stove, sing songs, read poems, and play fun games. The program runs from November 15.


Alekseyevskaya Sloboda Living History Museum

Top-CLASS Gorodovichoks

Fun and educational excursion for schoolchildren.
3 hours
12 km

Novonikolayevsk Bril’s Chocolate House

During the excursion you will hear the amazing story of the Novonikolayevsk Bril’s Chocolate House.
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2 hours
2 km

Sea Stories from Cousteau’s Team

A fun interactive program with educational tasks. The program takes place in the undersea atmosphere
4 hours
4 km

The Tricks of the Ice Maiden or the Mystery of Enchanted Gifts

The 2021–2022 New Year’s children’s program in Father Frost’s Mansion.
1.5 hours
17 km