Karasuk Station Health Retreat

The health resort offers prevention and treatment for the diseases of:
• musculoskeletal system and connective tissue,
• central and peripheral nervous system,
• digestive organs,
• cardiovascular system,
• urogenital system,
• metabolism,
• skin problems,
• respiratory organs.
The health resort at Karasuk station can accommodate up to 71 people simultaneously. It is a complex of 2 buildings (3- and 2-storey) connected by a warm passage with an indoor winter garden. Guests are offered Double rooms, Suites and Junior Suites. Each room has a bathroom, a shower, air conditioning, a house phone, a TV. Guests will enjoy:
• 3 meals a day and a dietary menu,
• a sauna,
• a swimming pool,
• a tanning room,
• balneary (rising douche, circular douche, underwater douche, Charko douche),
• a tea room,
• a gym,
• billiards,
• table tennis,
• entertainment programs, themed nights and sightseeing programs.

Opening hours: 24/7
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