Mikhailovskaya Embankment

This is the place where in 1893 the first bridge over the Ob River was built and City Beginnings Park was set up. Today there is only one span left of the old bridge, which stands next to the monument of Alexander III. Today Mikhailovskaya Embankment is a modern recreation area. You can sit in a cozy cafe, go on the rides, rent a bike or a scooter, enjoy boat rides on the Ob River. The Embankment boasts a Ferris Wheel, the highest beyond the Urals and the third highest in Russia. It rises 67 meters above Novosibirsk. From the top of the attraction you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city. At night, the Ferris Wheel lights up.

Opening hours: 24/7
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The Emperor’s Study building was located in the area near the Embankment. In 1907, the decree on the transfer of the tsar’s land to the emerging city of Novonikolayevsk (today’s Novosibirsk) was signed here. The Embankment was named after Konstantin Mikhailovsky, who was in charge of the construction of the West Siberian Railway.
In Soviet times, Mikhailovskaya Embankment was a hot spot for sports enthusiasts. In summer people came to local outdoor swimming pools, and in winter — to ski. After the war, it was a training ground for the local hockey team. After it was renovated in the 2000s, it became a venue for the main city festivals.
In summer you can enjoy numerous amusement rides or buy tickets at the Rechnoy Vokzal office to go on a boat ride along the Ob River. A trip to Korablik Island and the Six Bridges historical tour are among the most popular routes.