Maslyaninsky Center

The landscaped territory of the all-season resort has a lot of recreational areas and health tracks. The package price will cover: accommodation, meals, medical program of your choice.
The center offers treatment for:
• musculoskeletal system,
• respiratory and bronchovascular system,
• cerebrovascular disease with Degree I and II concomitant hypertension, neurasthenia,
• comorbid diseases (digestive organs, cardiovascular system).
The hotel guests will enjoy:
• an on-site Path of Health track,
• cross-country skis, bicycles, roller skates for rent,
• singing, dancing and poetry evenings, master classes, board games,
• trips around the Maslyaninsky District,
• a visit to Fregat swimming pool in the village of Maslyanino.

Opening hours: 24/7
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38 Dorozhnaya Street, Maslyanino Townsite, Maslyaninsky District, Novosibirsk Region
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