Krasnozyorsky Health Resort is a unique mud treatment and rehabilitation complex.
The treatment process uses a variety of natural ingredients:
• sulfide silt mud,
• brine (lake salt),
• yellow and blue clay,
• climate.
The health resort offers treatments for:
• musculoskeletal system,
• urogenital system,
• skin problems,
• nervous system,
• ENT-organs,
• comorbidities.
The guests can enjoy:
• accommodation in comfortable rooms of different categories (all rooms have Wi-Fi),
• a balanced diet of natural food,
• a swimming pool,
• horseback riding,
• gazebos for rent,
• summer activities: bicycles, roller-skating, badminton, volleyball, Nordic walking, scooters, trampoline,
• winter activities: Nordic walking, sledging, tubes/saucers, skis, skates, snowmobile.

Opening hours: 24/7
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1 Sanatory Street, Kaygorodsky Village Council, Krasnozyorsky District, Novosibirsk Region
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