Siberian Waters

You can go for a walk to the mighty Buchilo Waterfall and ascend the Zveroboy natural landmark, where you’ll get an amazing bird’s-eye view of the cliffs from the viewing platform. After lunch, you can have a rest at the Belovo Waterfall and visit Lozhok on the way back, where you can fill bottles with healing water from the holy spring, and visit a church. This excursion is available from May to September.


Buchilo Waterfall, Berd Rocks, Belovo Waterfall, Holy Spring (Lozhok), New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Orthodox Church

Buchilo Waterfall

The small but beautiful waterfall is formed by a rocky outcrop and a river. It’s about 5 meters high. There’s a small cave at the top. Its waters are crystal clear after running through limestone rock formations.

Berd Rocks

The Berd Rocks natural landmark is known as Zveroboy. Many tourists and local historians think it is the most beautiful place in Novosibirsk Region. At the very top of the cliff, you can enjoy an astonishing view of the meandering valley of the Berd River, rocky mountains, and forests.

Belovo Waterfall

Belovo Waterfall got its name from the nearby village of Belovo. This is a picturesque vacation destination where the comfortable water makes it a great place to swim.

Holy Spring (Lozhok)

In the 20th century, the SibLAG Iskitimskiy Prison Camp was located here. It was a cruel back breaking camp, which contained political prisoners and clergymen along with criminals and repeat criminal offenders. Thousands of people died here. At the place of yet another terrible massacre, a spring of crystal clear water sprang up, which people believe to be holy.

New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Orthodox Church

An endless flow of pilgrims to the spring led to the construction of the church. It was consecrated in 2015. The church’s basement houses a museum of persecution, both religious and secular.

Bugotak Hills and Waterfalls

One-day tour to natural and other landmarks in an area of Novosibirsk Region.
Буготакские сопки
1 day
109 km

Sharchino Steppe: Wonder of Nature

One-day excursion to the Sharchino Steppe State Regional Natural Monument.
шарчинская степь
1 day
1 km

Sandy Steppe

One-day excursion to the Ob Sandy Steppe State Regional Natural Monument.
Обская песчана степь главн
1 day
4 km

Trekking across Siberian Waterfalls

One-day summer tour to the waterfalls of Novosibirsk Region.
14 hours
260 km

Berd Pioneers

One-day summer tour with rafting on Berd River.
Главное фото
1 day
150 km

Mysteries of the Karakan Pine Forest

One-day excursion in the fall to beautiful natural landmarks in Novosibirsk Region.
Мраморное озеро главное фото
1 day
96 km

Cave Explorers

One-day summer excursion to Barsukovskaya Cave.
Барсуковская пещера главное фото
10 hours
140 km