Museum of Death

Located in the Memory Park of the Novosibirsk Crematorium.
The museum features a unique collection of authentic exhibits and replicas from the 18th century to the present, including:
• over 200 mourning gowns,
• collections of accessories, jewelry, and hairdressing accessories,
• 10,000 paintings, sculptures, lacquer miniatures, enamels, photographs, medals, family heirlooms, musical instruments, models of special vehicles,
• historical monuments, icons, crosses, coffins, urns, memorial items.
Various details of ancient burial culture are shown in narrative installations. Identification of a body in an ancient prosectorium, order acceptance at the funeral office, sewing a mourning dress — all these scenes are played out by realistic mannequins dressed in 19th century clothes in the midst of thoroughly reproduced interiors. Some installations look quite bewildering to our modern sensibilities. For example, a post mortem photo shoot in a studio with the deceased in an “alive” pose and normal interior together with the relatives. The museum is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Burial Culture program.

Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., closed on Monday
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Novosibirsk Museum of World Burial Culture is one of the world’s largest museums of its kind and the only museum in Russia that studies the burial culture and traditions of funeral rites.
It was opened on May 14, 2012, and to this day attracts tourists from all over the country and the world.
All expositions and exhibits share a common theme — the history and unique features of different burial cultures. The museum has three halls, each with a particular theme:
  • Victorian funeral fashion and culture,
  • Funeral vehicles (full-size and miniature copies),
  • Burial traditions of different nations.
The halls can be visited either together, with a single ticket, or separately, with or without a tour.
The museum has a souvenir shop. It offers unusual jabots and necklaces in the antique style, notebooks in the shape of coffins, and even a miniature version of the hearse. Here you can find bow-ties, bows and bracelets as well. Items shaped as or featuring skulls are really popular, e.g. pendants, ashtrays and trinkets.
Children up to 7 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.