CRONA Medical & Spa

CRONA Medical & Spa is a perfect place for recovery and relaxation. Pine trees, sea, birdsong and fresh air.
Guests choose Crona Spa-Hotel for its All Inclusive stay and medical procedures; some come with their families or friends for a few days, others organize corporate events with accommodation, or have an unforgettable anniversary or a wedding. There are always special programs available.
Guests will enjoy:
• comfortable rooms: from Standard rooms to individual cedar cabins,
• meals of your choice: buffet, restaurant, dietary meals,
• the most advanced medical facilities,
• a luxurious spa center,
• TravaUley phytocenter,
• a water park with a seawater pool,
• Wi-Fi everywhere on the premises,
• evening performances with live music,
• children’s entertainment,
• a health track.

Opening hours: 24/7
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