Abrashino Quarry

The abandoned and flooded marble quarry is now a deep lake with a rocky bottom and exceptionally clear water. It is the only body of water in Novosibirsk Region that is suitable for diving. The fact that it’s located in a pine forest makes it even more special. Its clean air and unique microclimate, especially paired up with a stay at the recreation center nearby, will be of great benefit to your health.
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Abrashino Quarry is also referred to as the Marble Lake. It is located approximately 150 kilometers from Novosibirsk, near the village of Abrashino.
The quarry is 300 meters long and 130 meters wide. The water is clean and clear. You can find many beautiful species of fish (trout, roach, perch) here. However, fishing is prohibited.
You can swim, sunbathe, and ride paddleboats. There are gazebos or cafés for you to eat and have a rest. You can also attend a diving school to enjoy the beauty of the quarry’s depths up-close.
Or try snorkeling — swimming underwater with a mask, snorkel and flippers. All necessary equipment can be rented at the school.
You can stay in one of the wooden houses of the Oasis recreation centre located on the bank of the quarry. However, in peak season we recommend booking a room in advance, as there are a lot of people wishing to stay at this popular location. You can also spend the night in tents near the water.
If you are looking for a quiet place, go to Abrashino resort, which offers 4 small houses. It will take you only 10–15 minutes on foot to get to the lake.