Flying over Novosibirsk on a private aircraft is an unforgettable experience. You might want to do this for many reasons: a romantic date, a sightseeing tour, flying lessons, a photo shoot, and even an extreme tour. SKY and AVIALET can make your dreams come true. They are members of the Guest Card loyalty program: SKY provides a 2,000 RUB discount, and AVIALET offers a 10% discount on all its services. When booking, just send a screenshot of your Guest Card from the Novosibirsk Region Mobile App.

Fly over Novosibirsk on a Private Aircraft

Get a bird’s-eye view of Novosibirsk and see the city’s beauty in a new light, take a closer look at the surrounding areas, and enjoy the thrill of the ride. You can do all this on a private aircraft with a skilled pilot. Rise above your problems and daily routine:
  • a flight over Novosibirsk is a perfect opportunity for a romantic date or a declaration of love;
  • you can take an air sightseeing tour in addition to a walking or a bus tour around the city.
  • If you dream of becoming a pilot, you can take flying lessons with skilled instructors.
  • Thrill seekers can look forward to extreme flights.
  • A flight over the city is a perfect gift for any special event.
To find out more about prices for flights, check out the websites of flight operators AVIALET and SKY. The price depends on the flight duration and extra services. All flights are perfectly safe. The aircraft undergo regular maintenance, all flights are officially approved, and the pilots have all the necessary certificates and permits.