Theater: Behind the Scenes

You will dive into the mysterious atmosphere and fascinating history of the Opera and Ballet Theater. During the excursion, you will go backstage at the Siberian Colosseum. Here you will find out which artifacts are stored in closed theater rooms and what is hidden under the stage. You will learn about the decorations, the theater’s main treasure, what they are made of, and where they are kept. What secrets can be found in the theater’s vaults? Is it true that Stalin had a secret bunker here? You’ll experience the real atmosphere of the theater. The excursion is only for high school students (14+) and adults.

Opera and Ballet Theater

The largest theater building in Russia. An architectural monument of federal importance.

Pounding the Books

Career guidance tour of Novosibirsk’s universities.
№27_1. СГУПС 4
1 day
22 km

42 Minutes under the Earth

Metro Quest.
Главная (2)
1 hour
2 km

Cartoon Land

Excursion to the Poisk Children’s Animated Film Studio.
4 hours
28 km

From Pine Forest to the Tropics

This is a wonderful opportunity to get away from the hectic city and dive into the world of flowers and plants at the Botanical Garden.
4 hours
31 km