Record Excursion

Novosibirsk-Glavny Railway Station

It is the largest in Siberia.

Red Torch Theater

The oldest and one of the best regional theaters in Russia.

Puppet Theater

It’s based in the former City Primary School, an architectural monument of regional significance built in 1912 by the famous architect Andrey Kryachkov.

Palace of Labor

Built in the early 20th century and designed by the engineer Shestov, this is a fine example of revolutionary romanticism architecture.

Pobeda Cinema

The movie theater, built in the early 20th century, has a rich history and hosts all the main movie events in Novosibirsk.

Glinka Conservatory

Established in the mid-20th century, the conservatory was the first musical university in Siberia.

Pervomaysky Park

In winter, the square hosts an International Arts Competition: the Siberian Snow Sculpture Festival.

Museum of Local History

It is located in the building of an architectural monument of federal importance — the City Trade Center.

Opera and Ballet Theater

Siberian Coliseum, the largest theater building in Russia.

Novosibirsk City Administration

An architectural monument of federal importance.

Philharmonic Chamber Hall

It is located in the historical building of the House of Lenin, acknowledged as a monument of history of regional importance.

Monument to the Heroes of the Revolution

In January 1920, it was the venue for the official burial of fighters for Soviet rule.

Siberian Expanses

The composition represents the unity of the historical past, present, and future of Novosibirsk.

Chapel of Street Nicholas the Wonderworker

One of the symbols of the region. An icon with relics of Nicholas the Wonderworker is stored here.

House under the Line

The residential building is a typical example of Soviet post-war classicism architecture.

Regional Youth Library

In the late 19th century, the Russian-Chinese Bank, established at the initiative of the Government due to construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, was located here.

House with a Clock

One of finest examples of constructivism in Novosibirsk.

Art Museum

It represents one of the most important collections of Russian and foreign art in Siberia.

Government of Novosibirsk Region

It ranks among 800 of the best avant-garde buildings in the world.

Children’s Municipal Clinical Emergency Care Hospital

The building of the House of Romanov Realschule was built in 1912, based on the design of architects Kryachkov and Lukashevsky.

Arnold Kats Concert Hall

The largest concert hall in the city for classical music.

100-Flat Building

A unique building in Novosibirsk officially recognized as an international architectural masterpiece.

Monument to Andrey Kryachkov

Andrey Kryachkov is the only Novosibirsk architect to be awarded the prestigious international prize — the Grand Prix of the Paris International Exhibition of Arts and Technology.

Bank Building

The building is of historical and cultural value and a fine example of conventionalized classical architecture.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

One of the first stone buildings in Novonikolayevsk.

Botanical Garden

An excursion through the gardens with stories of the old Barnaul Highway, life in the ancient local settlements, and scientific discoveries.
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4 hours

35 km

Gastro Excursion

Walking tour to the mysterious historic building at 22 Krasny Avenue.
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2 hours

50 m

Walk Along the Mikhailovskaya Embankment

Walking tour along the embankment that marked the beginning of Novonikolayevsk.
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2 hours

1 km

On the Trail of the White Wagtail

A breathtaking walking tour along the banks of the Ob with a story about Novosibirsk’s flora and fauna.

1.5 km

2 km

Quick As the Wind

An excursion to the Novosibirsk Racecourse for the most active visitors.

3 hours

11 km

Beard Walk

Visitors will dive into the city’s history and learn about the construction of residential quarters and universities in Novosibirsk’s left bank area.

1 hour 20 minutes

2 km

Memorial Backyards of Kuznetskaya Street

1.5-hour walk around Novonikolayevsk quarters.
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1.5 hours

1.5 km

Travel along a Mystical River

You will visit the officers’ barracks on Topolyovaya Street and learn about the history of Oktyabrsky District.

1 hour 30 minutes

11 km