From Zveroboy to the Holy Spring

The autumn riot of color combines with the bends of the Berd River, which you can observe from the top of the Berd Rocks. This comfortable walk through the autumn forest will take you away from the stress of the city. The second part of the excursion is dedicated to the Holy Spring. Here you can drink holy water and take a dip in a plunge pool. You can also visit Belovo Waterfall and Buchilo Waterfall.

Berd Rocks

Berd Rocks or Zveroboy is acknowledged as the most beautiful place in Novosibirsk Region.

Holy Spring (Lozhok)

In the 20th century, the Iskitimskiy Penal Camp of SibLAG (a cruel back breaking camp) was located here. At the place of yet another terrible massacre, a spring of crystal clear water sprang up, which people believe to be holy.

New Martyrs and Confessors of
the Russian Orthodox Church

An endless flow of pilgrims to the spring led to the construction of the church.

To the Ostrich Farm

Tour to an ostrich farm. A great opportunity to relax outdoors and spend time with animals.

5 hours

50 km

Merchant Kolyvan. Ostrich Farm

Tour of Kolyvan merchant settlement with a visit to an ostrich farm.

1 day

10 km

Dive into the City’s Culture

Guided group tour to the capital of Siberia.

3 days

81 km

Novosibirsk from A to Z

Guided group tour around Novosibirsk.

2 days

17 km

Around Siberia’s Capital

Guided group weekend tour to the capital of Siberia.

2 days

17 km