Dog sledging is another popular winter activity in Novosibirsk. Friendly huskies, malamutes, and Siberian huskies with wet noses are perfect sledging dogs. You can book a short trip or an extended adventure to Salair Ridge. «DOLINA HUSKY», «Fort Husky», «Siberian Odyssey»,  «Deti Snega» will arrange an activity holiday for you.

«Dolina Husky» offers 10% discount on sledging to Guest Card holders. Guest Card holders will get a 15% discount on dog sledging at «Fort Husky» (short trips and extended tours to Salair Ridge).

Dog Sledging

Winter in Siberia is a great time for new experiences and unforgettable emotions. And the perfect activity for that is dog sledging on crisp snow! There are several spots in Novosibirsk where you can ride with the dogs:
  • Dolina Khaski: a sledge dog shelter that offers dog sledging,
  • Fort Khaski: short rides and lengthy sledging tours,
  • Sibirskaya Odisseya: you can enjoy dog sledging and rest in a yurt with herbal tea,
  • Deti Snega: a kayur (dog team driver) club hosting events and festivals.
It’s a wonderful idea to travel to Siberia in winter. Choose the best winter activities on our website!