Snowmobile riding is an extreme winter activity: Explore picturesque routes to the Ob Sea, thick forests, fields, raised roads, and gullies. RiverKvadro, «Prokat-Gorsky», TakeMoto can organize an activity holiday for you.

RiverKvadro offers a 10% discount on all routes for Guest Card holders.

Recreation centers and health resorts in Novosibirsk Region also often provide such services.

Snowmobile Riding

To enjoy sparkling snow, frosty Siberian weather and the beauty of snow-covered forests, it’s best to head out of town. You can fully appreciate the winter landscapes by riding snowmobiles. Several clubs organize this activity:
  • Riverkvadro, snowmobile renting with original routes,
  • Prokat-Gorsky, the only renting spot within city limits,
  • TakeMoto, quad and enduro renting with routes of various difficulty levels.
The winter won’t feel so cold with a generous dose of adrenalin and strong emotions you get when snowmobile riding!