Snowkiting is a popular winter activity in Novosibirsk. Sailing school WIND’SHOUSE holds about ten sailing competitions every year. The school’s instructors will teach how to properly fly a kite so that you can enjoy the entire process. The Ob Sea, snow, wind, open space—everything you need for a proper winter vacation!

Summer and winter kiting in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk’s kite schools welcome the fans of extreme sports and adrenaline addicts. Kiting in Novosibirsk is available all year round: in winter and summer you can enjoy the many open spaces with a perfect setting for kiting. Some of them are located on the:

  • city beach in Berdsk;
  • Ob Sea;
  • Krupskoy settlement;
  • Novosibirsk hydroelectric dam;
  • Beregovoye village.

You can rent all the gear you need and undergo training at the kite schools such as Vetru-da!, the Boomerang surfing station, and AquaLand yacht club. The best time for kiting is May and September–October when the wind is steady and strong.

Winter kiting fans should travel to Novosibirsk in December. The Siberia Cup, which attracts athletes from the whole country, is held here every year in early December.